You are not alone. Pain is a national epidemic.


More than 116 million Americans struggle with chronic pain – more than the number of patients with cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. Pain affects how people feel, move and interact. If you are looking for less invasive treatment options for your pain and to get back to life with motion and movement, we can help.

“We teach patients how to manage their pain and get back to life and function.”


Our board certified physiatrists are bone, muscle and nerve experts who treat injuries and diseases that affect how you move and function. By using a combination of minimally invasive procedures combined with targeted physical therapy and other complementary therapies, physiatrists strive to maximize your pain relief and function without surgery.


The most common types of pain and painful conditions we treat include the following:


>  Neck and Back Pain
 Herniated Disc & Pinched Nerves
 Failed Back Syndrome
 Radiculopathy (pinched or irritated nerve)
 Numbness, Tingling and Weakness
 Musculoskeletal Pain, Arthritis and Joint Pain